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Arietis Network was founded in 2018 as a online community co-op designed for the online vampire community at large. A majority of the material is disambiguate in nature and much of the various material is designed to be as neutral yet forward as possible to convey a articulate message to help those who've recently entered the OVC to function fluidly across various individual groups. In essence this lays a general understanding.


It is with hopes this will demystify individuals who are just becoming introduced to these concepts and also aid to some degree the search for a greater understanding. It's highly suggested that all information on the site be checked by yourself, verified and vetted by the individual as to provide a deeper context of meaning. It's also hoped that the individual would take the time to join various community groups and read farther to further their understanding as well as seek mentor ship.


It's highly important to note none of this material is based on or is in reference to any sort of L.A.R.P., role-play or otherwise. If you came here seeking advice on how to role dice it's advised that procedding further would be a waste of time.



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