Pusillanimous Introductions

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A introspective into a common introduction to the OVC.

Something that has been brought to my attention recently, as well as in the past, are a certain hesitance to engage with the greater online vampire community in general by individuals coming into it. New individuals often clash with older more mainstay individuals in the community due to a variety of reasons I’d like to talk about for a few minutes. This article isn’t one to point blame at any one party but help author a bridge between the many facets to facilitate future growth and education.

I was asked by several my thoughts on the topic to aid in a better experience across the board in introduction. I’ve written multiple articles on the subject over the years from various perspectives and this will be a bit of a different view unto that discussion. You would think this would have been solved but I think(as do others) that various ideologies have continued to degrade these links.

First we cover the perspective of someone who approaches the community in a compromised position. All be it this isn’t the best of ways to be introduced to a community under stressful situations but more often than not many are brought into this community in such a manner. There is a a certain air of intimidation felt often by those that don’t automatically fit in or mesh well with the environments they are introduced to.

This is to say that the structures of some organizations maybe alien to certain individuals in their current conception. They may have a hard time understanding what a court or order or other organization is. I can already hear some individuals thinking “Well this has worked. They need to respect the chain of command. They need to respect their elders.’ and if it’s your show I would agree…but at the same time I would also say you’re engaged in the process of diminished returns. You would posit respect is earned on a individual bases so now apply that inverse back towards yourself.

From a new persons perspective they’ve just met you. They have no idea what is going on. It’s a very compromising position to suddenly be poured into a mold that may not fit, have to go through hurdles and obstacles only to be met with snide comments. I can hear the school of hard knocks calling. Again, the refrain of quality over quantity. Again the refrain I would mention would be diminishing returns.

This statement goes to the elders of their respective organizations. Take a few minutes to drop the bravado for a while. Engage with the individual on a person to person bases that you would want to be engaged on. Treat the individual with respect and answer their questions. Take just a few minutes to do this. I personally feel every organization needs a liaison that elders can hand individuals off to if they are taking care of other matters. If this is done I wouldn’t be writing this for you right now. I wouldn’t have dismissed individuals trying to impress me. I wouldn’t have people popping group to group just trying to suck out a nugget as it were trying to find some sort of help.

Many do however do this. I’m not going to praise those individuals in public. They know who they are. If you have a slight suspicion though that your organization hasn’t been seeing many to none of the newer individuals coming into the community who need help, I’d have to tell you…something is very wrong.

On to the next part of this discussion. My personal feelings to benefit the community? I believe personally we need less elders in this community. Less individuals striving to build a organization based for profit, power or personal self gratification of their own personal ego. I believe we need more teachers in this community.

To those who have become confused between the difference in a elder and a teacher? A teacher is someone who is fluid in a role that can sit down, break down the parts of something and teach that skill to another. Many elders possess the ability to do various things but may not always be the most apt individual to teach a subject direct or in a class setting. A elders organizational skills is on leading a organization and a teacher is towards it’s education. One is a functionary over interpersonal relations and ties of the organization and the other is actively engaged in strengthening the core subsets of the individuals who are a part of that organization.

My reasoning behind this is I’ve been apart of various organizations over the years and it’s become a sort of game to throw books at individuals when they walk into the community. While this method may suit certain individuals who are able to learn from a book, generally the wisdom that has prevailed is that we have a teacher to cover the material, answer questions and help in exercisers. This is the most lacking area that’s critical to passing on knowledge in this community. I noticed some of the most successful organizations I’ve been apart of have a group of dedicated teachers. Sadly over time this has degraded though to a handful of people.

With that covered I’d like to make a quick statement to those who are coming into this community that are new. It’s a common practice for some newer individuals to approach the community feeling that they maybe inadequate. There’s no need to trump yourself up. The more time you spend playing yourself up is more time wasted getting help with things you may want to learn, strengthen or get others opinions on. Come as you are with all your faults. It’s with hope that people will engage and help you. I can’t make any promises to that effect. All I can do about that is try.

It’s with hope people take the above constructive criticism and apply changes in hopes that it may help facilitate a better experience across the board.