Em Research

It is the intention of this area of the page and contents to study the electromagnetic effects on individuals who have claimed to be vampires, vampiric or hlv’s respectively to see if any correlative effects can be discerned by monitoring em variations such as extra solar phenomenon and solar phenomenon.

Educational Content

Psi-Vampirism Education Tutorial

Principles of

Psi Vampirism

Psi vampirism or energy vampirism is often a very contested area. Everyone has their own system they use, their own design, their own area of energy compensation they need to achieve so it’s hard to really cover this topic in depth without stepping on at least one set of someones toes in the online community. For the advanced they may say “I don’t see it this way at all” or they may also agree. I suggest research into this area after reading through the content below.
— ~Crio

To start out a psi or energy vampire is someone that needs energy to sustain themselves in a healthy manner. This energy may vary person to person. Some individuals require emotional energy. Some require what some call core energy. Some require energy from blood either indirectly or directly. Some individuals require sexual energy. It all depends on the individuals needs and preferences as to what they require.

It is important to note here that Psi Vampires are human beings. I neglected to mention that above. In fact all vampires are humans(except well…vampire bats). There is no biological evidence to suggest otherwise.





  1. remove uncertainty of meaning from (an ambiguous sentence, phrase, or other linguistic unit).

    "word senses can be disambiguated by examining the context"

It’s time for a short break before we continue on. First I’d like to take my own personal aside to take a minute to speak to those who are new. If you’re not new to the OVC you’re excused to move forward. It’s important that I impart a bit of this aside for new individuals because of the serious nature below. This community may don the frilly cloaks, the fake fangs, the Gothic lifestyle, the pretty make up or the undead symbolism. It however isn’t about that. That is personal preference. It’s a individuals choice to wear or dress up however they want. I’m not going to tell you not to go dress up. I however find it a pointless distraction.

The community at large is based around the safe practice of taking both blood and energy. It’s about finding individuals who are interested in providing. It’s about learning. It’s not about dress up or lestat or Dracula. You can find plenty of goth clubs to fetishism your curious wardrobe and lifestyle choices. This community isn’t about that.

If you came here to be turned(I’m going to stop you right there and tell you that’s not possible), to use the community as your tender (really?) or play make believe 8 billion year old vampire that turns to a bat people will probably assume you’re either bullshitting them or mocking them.

What this community needs is people willing to admit they don’t know something, people who are willing to learn, people who are willing to teach and those who can help facilitate in aiding it’s structure and design and availability to those who need the information the most. It needs leadership by example.

It is my hope that as someone coming into this community you can take away what you need, if you feel so inclined give back and hopefully help the community grow. We have no shortage of drama and it’s something we don’t need. We have no shortage of ego and it’s something we don’t need. Bring honest questions and receive help and honest answers.

If you don’t like someone leave them alone. It’s a really fuukn big community. There are groups for every taste. Don’t go into other peoples groups and demand special treatment. Come with a curiosity to learn and if you do not agree either find another area or honestly ask questions as to how they came to their conclusions. If at minium you’ll learn something new.

The community welcomes regular people to ask questions to help spread awareness.

A foreword

  • We don’t turn into bats

  • Everything dies from a stake to the heart

  • We see ourselves in mirrors unless we’re blind…seriously.

  • We don’t explode in sunlight(but for many it’s uncomfortable)

  • We don’t give a shit about what fictional movies you’ve seen

  • We don’t give a shit how they did it in blade or underworld

  • None of that shit is real

  • Disregard all the shitty movies you’ve watched that are fiction. This is nothing like fictional shit.

  • Yes we know some author of a movie tried to make vampires cool but we couldn’t give a fuck less.

  • We won’t turn you

  • We won’t bite you on the neck to suck your blood(if you do this you’re a fucking moron)

  • We strive to make things as safe and chill as possible

With that much said that concludes my aside. Sorry for the intense language but I felt it was extra necessary in effort of conveyance as to our general opinions on the above.

(Plasma Ball)

(Plasma Ball)

Methods for taking energy

The above picture of the plasma ball is used as a stand in to represent how one may see or visualize taking energy from a individual. Via touch is the most common method in for taking energy from another individual as in direct touch.

  • To do this you need to

  • Be in a quiet area

  • Have physical contact with the individual you wish to take from

  • Close your eyes as you make contact

  • Feel the warmth of their skin and visualize the energy inside flowing up through their skin in the same fashion as the above illustration of the plasma ball.

  • Your hand may feel warm. Do not let this concern you. Focus on taking the current directly into yourself.

  • When you are done release. Try for small periods of time.

  • Practice. If you do not instantly feel something this is common. It takes practice to make perfect.

It’s important to note that who ever you decide to try this on should be healthy, happy, active and in good mental health. It’s also important that they are willing. If at anytime they express discomfort discontinue using this method. Do not continue.


Simple how to

This method won’t win awards. It’s often hard to master but simple and crude. Shielding is projecting a simple barrier between you and another. Shielding is fool proof. If someone is determined they can break a shield with enough will power. This however will deter most unintentional individuals from accidentally either taking energy or doing any sort of damage to you. Different individuals